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The Strength To Build More

For Our Customers, By Our Customers

Gratis is not a mere range of products, It is the end result of a decade long journey through detailed customer feedback. Each Gratis product is crafted with perfection to fit the needs of our customers in every aspect.

How did we do it? We eschewed traditional R&D methods and focused on the opinions of our most invaluable stakeholders; our customers. We took our R&D to ground zero, out of controlled settings and into the real world, where the products are actually used. We understood that the only true evaluation for durability and strength comes from the test of time, so we set a time limit: 10 years.

We presented an already perfect product of that time to a wide range of customers; from interior designers and furniture to dealers and carpenters. Then we posed questions about every minute aspect of the product. We patiently crafted Gratis as a product perfected by customer feedback and suggestions. Truly, a product crafted by the customers themselves.

Crafting Perfection

Today, Brand Gratis offers a wide range of Plywood, PVC Sheets and MDF, with an array of high-quality products designed to enter our inventory as we expand. All our products have been perfected over a decade to eliminate issues of quality, supply, transport, and various other factors.

For example, here’s how we create the perfect Plywood - made by bonding Gurjan, Teak, Mahogany, Eucalyptus, and other veneer sheets.

To create the perfect Plywood Sheets, we first need to ensure a top-of-the-line ‘dry’ mode by bonding high-grade veneer. This is followed by fortifying it with the highest quality termite and borer proofing material. Great care is taken in the placing of each layer of veneer sheet, and spreading the best quality-controlled bonding glue between them as the grains of one veneer sheet must run at right angles to the grains of the next layer to prevent shrinkage and produce maximum strength.

With applying just the right pressure and calibrating thickness for evenness, amongst a host of other things, we finally create the flawless final product - Gratis plywood.

The Unique GRATIS Experience

Apart from excellence in quality, our multi-point cost economy provides cost-effective prices and quality assurance at every stage by storing products in proper, protective environments in well-maintained warehouses. This prevents damage and enables efficient project execution without delay and cost overruns.

Gratis also assures 24-hour delivery of products across Kerala. For dealers, this means optimum stocking time of products, cutting carrying costs, interest on finance, availability of funds and storage space.

Same holds true for interior designers of large projects, furniture manufacturers, contractors, bulk consumers and even carpenters who can all avail an assured supply at any time.

Moreover, Gratis follows a strict policy of ethical business practices that hold the customer’s benefit as a benchmark. With no hidden clauses and dedicated after-sales service, every Gratis customer is assured that they truly are king.

The Product

With the toughest plywoods in Indian markets spearheading the production range, Gratis homes a wide range of products in its stores: At present, the Gratis product range comprises of